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Creating Your Own Spa Day!

As we move into Phase 2 of Ardyss International, it's time to take advantage of some of the fantastic products available.  Create your own "Spa Day" by inviting your friends and family over for a day they won't forget!  We've got all of the information to help you get started!



Create Your Own Spa Day Presented by Platinum Nicola Jackson!

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Items you will need for your Spa Party:

Invite eight to ten women not too many, not too few

Sample Menu
Finger foods (Appetizers, Tapas, etc..)
Cran Aloe Spritzer (Cran Aloe and 1 Bottle of Perrier or Pellegrino Water)
Dessert and Ardyss Collafee or Ardyss Coffee
Small Bottled Waters



Total Skin Care Kit for Facials

Body Wrap Kit (optional)

Gel Reducer (optional)

Breast Cream and Stretch Mark Cream (optional)

White Wash Cloths

Cotton Pads

Witch Hazel

Spray Bottles for Water

Clear plastic saucers to use as a palette for facial creams and cleansers



Body Magic (Have model available for presentation/viewing)

T shirt Light (Have model available for presentation/viewing)

Panty Reshaper (Have model available for presentation/viewing)

Reshaper Long



Ultra Body Cleanse


Cran Ole


Green 29

Triple Life Line

Ardyss Multi: Pill/or Liquid



Music Play List.

Instrumental soft music. Ocean sounds, Jazz


Transform your kitchen, dining room, or living room into your facial fixings section, where your guests can mix their own treatments. Make sure that bathroom and kitchen sinks are close by and prepared for cleansing and rinsing or provide nice decorative bowls of warm water for rinsing.